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Proud to be Green
Happy Paws is
proud to be Green

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Mittens & Snack
Mittens & Snack

We were given a sample of Happy Paws cat food for our 2 cats, Mittens and Snack, and we must admit that we felt that all premium cat foods were the same, however we decided to let our cats be the judge instead of us!

Snack, is a very fussy eater, and we have yet to find a food he can eat without it upsetting his stomach, so we decided to put out a taste sample of their current cat food from the vet's office which we have been advised to try, a sample of the food we have flown in from Alberta which he tolerates the best out of everything we have tested over the past three years, and Happy Paws. Snack sniffed all 3 samples, but went straight to Happy Paws and ate the lot before we could repeat the test for Mittens! So far there has not been any digestive problems with Snack which we are so thankful for, and Mittens ate the Happy Paws first as well!

We must admit that "Happy Paws" certainly lives up to its name.

Vida and Clive Cox


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