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Celebrating 25 successful years in the pet food industry!

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Happy Paws is
proud to be Green

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After delays in the supply chain, Happy Happy Paws is happy to announce that our fresh & tasty all natural foods are available again to feed “your family friends”.

Make the best choice for your pets! Each time you purchase our Happy Paws pet food products, you are:

  • Purchasing an award-winning product!
  • Supporting a made-in-Canada product!
  • Able to choose from a variety of product sizes, all competitively priced!
  • Feeding your pets food that is non-GMO, hypo-allergenic, CFIA veterinarian inspected, and contains many certified organic ingredients!
  • Purchasing a product with sustainable protein ingredients: NZ free- range Lamb, BC grain-fed, cage-free chicken, and BC wild small fish. Ongoing supply meeting our present needs while NOT compromising future supplies!
  • Promoting healthy skin & shiny coat for your pet. Fish oil aids in controlling excessive fur loss and lessens seasonal shed!!


  • The first ingredient in Happypaws HOLISTIC pet food is LAMB MEAT, not MEAL. Fillers can be hidden in the term MEAL in ingredient lists - calorie count & quality can suffer!
  • Our Cage Free BC CHICKEN MEAT holistic cat food has 570 Kcals  per cup - highest in the industry - No fillers!
  • Our New Zealand  Free Range LAMB MEAT holistic dog food has 540 Kcals per cup, also the highest in the industry - NO fillers!
  • Our BC fresh Ocean small fish mix of Herring, Anchovies & Sardines has NO added fillers - Pure fish Protein!

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We continue to strive for excellence in pet nutrition with our Happy Paws products!

Happy Paws - All Natural Pet Food

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Association) Nutrition Articles

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