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I have been feeding my 9 year old cat "Iams" cat food for the past 2 years because I felt it was a good product. She liked it but invariably would vomit her meal shortly thereafter. I know she does not have a eating disorder, but I was always puzzled at her frequent reversal of dinner. I finally realized that the food was actually expanding in her stomach once it mixed with digestive acids, and it seemed reasonable to me that this expansion was causing her discomfort.

I had seen your displays in our local Thrifty's store and finally decided to read the package, hoping I would find a health product that would not expand when wet. I bought a bag a couple weeks ago and am very happy with the results. She likes the food and has only vomited once, right after her first meal, understandable when changing a cats diet. She is not devouring her bowl full of food but just eating proper portions through out the day.

Thanks for your excellent product - you have a happy customer and cat!

Adrien Page & Cleo


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