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proud to be Green

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Daffney, Betty Boop & LiI' Stingray
Daffney, Betty Boop & LiI' Stingray

Dear Happy Paws,

Here is a photo of all three of my cats. Daffney the short hair white cat is 14 years old. Betty Boop the persian white cat is 10 years old. LiI' Stingray the grey tabby is 11 years old .

They are all so different, not only in age, but in size and weight. It makes it difficult to feed the same food for all three. I recently discovered Happy Paws at my neighbourhood Thrifty Foods store, and thought I would give it try it with my girls. The results? They all love it!! It's too early to tell yet, but I'm sure they will benefit all the goodness. I am also happy to support a local Canadian business.

Please send me some coupons .. I already bought another larger bag for them ... they are going through it like crazy!

 Liz A.


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