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I have 2 cats, Hobbes and Misha. They are brother and sister, both 13
years old. A few years ago Hobbes started peeing around the house. I took him to the vet and I was told Hobbes had crystals in his bladder (common for older cats) and was prescribed a special high acid (expensive) cat food to dissolve the crystals. After a month the peeing stopped, but Hobbes could not stay on that special food because it is for short term use only, so I went back to his regular food.

Several months later the peeing started again so I again purchased the special high acid cat food. This time I didn't go back to the regular store brand cat food. I switched to Happy Paws after getting a sample at Thrifty Foods. That was a year ago, and Hobbes has had no "accidents" since then. And Misha loves it too!

Trent Jeffrey


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