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Happy Paws Manufacturer is a member of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Proud to be Green
Happy Paws is
proud to be Green

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Here is how Kip came to Happy Paws. When I got Kip I consulted my Vet who recommended Waltham's. At some point I was offered a sample of Happy Paws and, although being a sceptic, I agreed to at least try it. Impressed by the fact that when offered both at the same time, she instantly choose the Happy Paws. Because I wanted her to have at least as good a quality food as I got, I looked into Happy Paws further. I was impressed with your product and company and I was also pleased to find out you are a local company.

If you ever have a meeting of the Happy Paws dogs, or need a dog to showcase Happy Paws, please keep her in mind. She will love it.

Mike McBride


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