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Rufus is a black charpai lab approximately 7 years old. Rufus had been shedding like crazy. The amount of hair loss on a daily basis was unbelievable. His black coat was not shiny. Once we changed Rufus over to Happy Paws Dog Food we began to see a change. First was the amount of hair loss, over a period of time it was less and less. As of today his hair loss is almost non existent. Rufus now has a black shiny coat.

He loves Happy Paws Holistic Dog Food. We love that fact that we can actually see the difference Happy Paws Holistic Dog Food has made. Rufus is a happy dog.

Our Cats, especially Sylvester loves Happy Paws Holistic Cat Food. As a matter of fact, the other day Sylvester was actually trying to open the bag himself to get more food. My sister and I have 4 cats and all of them love Happy Paws Holistic Cat Food. Our Cats will not eat just any cat food and it was interesting to see how all of them had no problem changing. This is great. They are getting the best quality of cat food... both holistic and natural.

We certainly appreciate you introducing us to both Happy Paws Holistic Dog and Cat Food. Our Pets thank you.

Jeannie Caravaggie


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