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What makes our business Green?

  • Manufacturing plant - brand new equipment from new Stainless Silos to the new mixer with high efficiency low energy motors and extruders - installation recently completed.

  • Localized purchases of ingredients when possible - only the NZ lamb & US rice is brought into the plant from out of country keeping our CFP a low as possible.

  • Organic ingredients - more than most products in marketplace with no harmful pesticide use - less chemicals used - less pollution for environment.

  • Laminate bags are designed and ready to be recycled when facilities are available and engineered to handle number seven (7) types of  our plastic laminates, hopefully in the very near future!

  • Food is high density meats & fish so almost 30% less required for feeding healthy, leaner pets - 0 fillers - see testimonials.

  • 3 cups for 75lb dog as per instructions on bag compared to 4 cups on many other brands Similar for the cat food - 6.8 lb bag feeds one adult cat for almost two months!

  • 1/3 less stool because of the high density meat/fish - NO fillers - less baggies for doggy pickups.


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