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SmartDog Training and ConsultingSmartDog Training and Consulting

Sherry Antonishen,
BA (Honours in Communication) , received her Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) from the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers in the spring of 2004. The Academy provides comprehensive, leading edge education to dog trainers and behaviour consultants through renowned trainer and author Jean Donaldson. The course includes animal learning theory, behavior problems, aggression, clicker training, adult learning models and course design, and is rapidly gaining a reputation as the “Harvard for Dog Trainers.”

Sherry is also a member of Citizen Canine’s Advisory Board, where she works to inform its executive and members on issues of dog obedience instruction and canine behaviour. Her regular training and behaviour column is featured in Vancouver Island Pet Magazine.

Connective Training Connective Training
Michele Jarvis Wonnacott
Dog Training With Your Heart

Michele has been working with dogs for 15 years now. She is recognized for her work with the following:

NANA Foundation
Animals For Life
Dog Walking ETC

All her involvement was specializing in addressing dogs and their behaviors with complete individuality.

She uses spiritual, positive, practical and holistic training methods to help you and your dog build a balanced working relationship.

Her classes and individual sessions are fun, self-empowering and extremely rewarding for both owner and dog.


BellaAngela Maharajh
Parksville BC

Hello my name is Angela and my dog's name is Bella. She is a Havanese, Master Agility Dog (MAD).

I bought a small bag of Happy Paws and Bella liked it immediately. She is a small dog and a fussy eater. I was surprized to see her eat and enjoy the kibble. She never liked kibble before!!!

Bella has been eating Happy Paws for over a year now, and she still loves it. We were happy to hear that the new sister product, Happy Tails will be available across Canada. She is also a canine athlete, and has become lean and muscular eating Happy Paws. Her coat is also long and lovely and her skin is very healthy.

She just returned from competing at the Agility Association of Canada's Nationals in Toronto, where she placed 5th in her height category and came first in the jumpers, which is a test of speed. She also finished 6th at the BC Agility Regionals in Nanaimo. Bella's agility career is just starting.

We hope to continue competing on Vancouver Island and on the lower mainland. We plan to compete at the BC Regional Qualifiers and then hope to go to the Agility Nationals.

Thanks again,
Angela Maharajh
Parksville BC


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