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Proud to be GreenHappy Paws is
proud to be Green

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Gluten Free Happy PawsHolistic Ingredients

“Food for Life”

Feed Happy Paws fresh & tasty all natural foods to “your family friend”.

NO Fillers: No Brewers (white) rice - No Ground Corn - No Wheat Grains - No Artificial Flavours!

  • 540 kcal per cup in our Dog Formula
  • 570 kcal per cup in our Cat Formula
Food for Life - Holistic Ingredients

Ingredient Highlights:
Holistic Cat Food
Holistic Dog Food

Complete Ingredient List:
Holistic Cat Food
Holistic Dog Food

Dally Feeding Guidelines:
Holistic Cat Food
Holistic Dog Food


Holistic (Wholesome) Slow cooked, small batch for freshness.
New Zealand top-grade free-range Lamb meat - dehydrated - rich & chemical-free.
No Wheat Grains, No Gluten - for pets who are intolerant or allergic to wheat grains/gluten!
Value-added - more meat & fish protein than most pet foods and at least 30% savings from many other comparable Holistic foods!
"LESS STOOL" - No Fillers! - i.e. Cellulose, Peanut Hulls! - No Ground Corn! - No Artificial Colours! - No Artificial Flavours!
All Happy Paws bags are date stamped 18 months from production to ensure freshness - your assurance that it's always Fresh, Healthy & Tasty for our pets!
NO Animal Lab Testing

**Glyphosate (Roundup) Free - all our foods are tested to
be glyphosate free for the health of our beloved pets.
See Glyphosate article in our Pet Health Library.**

CVMA (Canadian Medical Veterinarian Association) Nutrition Articles

Happy Paws Manufacturer

We are very pleased to be associated with our manufacturer who has state of the art equipment, the highest quality control and highest grade inspected ingredients. This, combined with qualified personnel, produces our 'superior' food for Happy Paws families' best friend!

Happy Paws' Manufacturing Plant

In 1999 the manufacturing plant licensed to produce nutritious Happy Paws became the first plant to install a high tech 'Vacuum Infusion System' which forces the oil into the kibble for increased palibility.

The newly updated plant also has an 'Infrared Analysis System' to monitor the moisture, protein, fat & ash contents of our food. This infrared system allows the Quality Control System to continuously display these all-important content factors. In turn, this allows the quality control staff to adjust the manufacturing process, to hold these critical parameters, with narrow tolerance limits!

Our holistic ingredient list meets and/or exceeds the Nutrient Profiles of the AAFCO for assured ingredient nutrition.


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